We have nothing to fear except democracy

I am seriously beginning to fear for my country.

The ordinary working person is closer than ever to becoming disenfranchised.

As October 31st 2019 looms over the horizon it is becoming clearer that the remain side of the Brexit argument are pulling out every stop to ensure that Britain will never leave Europe.

Every underhand lie and trick is being presented at the expense of those who voted to leave.

There should be a people’s vote is one! Newsflash! There already has been a people’s vote, it was held in 2016 and the people voted to leave.

The voter’s who voted to leave didn’t know what they were voting for. The voters I have spoken to and those on the leave side knew exactly what they voted for. They wanted to leave and damn the torpedoes’.

The voters didn’t know the consequences of voting leave. The campaign before the actual vote was 4 months long and both side had more than ample opportunity to put their side of the argument. How could either side not know?

It will break the union. Scotland will vote to leave the U.K and seek independence because they wanted to remain.

Scotland was already reneging on their promise not to hold another independence vote before the Brexit vote after agreeing that the vote to remain as part of the U.K. was a “once in a lifetime” event. And Scotland agreed to abide by the result. Let’s face it. Scotland is kicking up for independence so that it can join Europe and throw away…..It’s independence!

These excuses amongst a multitude of others are being used in a concerted attempt by the remain side to thwart the will of the people. You get the picture.

Meanwhile….”The majority,” those that voted “leave” wait patiently for their promise to be delivered.

However, there are beginning to be some signs that their patience is wearing thin. Small incidents (aren’t they always?) of people switching political allegiances (some of them previously lifetime,) small scuffles betwixt both sides at protest rallies forcing some speakers to refuse to take to a stage for a speech.

And now there seems to be a “people’s champion” in the shape of Boris Johnson and that has begun to exasperate both sides as leave voters rally behind him and remain voters use even more desperate underhand tactics.

The loser in this (as always) of course is democracy. The remain side seem to have given little thought to what their argument actually means and it’s long term consequences.

If you had participated in that vote and you had been promised that your vote would be enacted, how would you be feeling now? Whatever your reasons for voting leave, the 2-year deadline has now passed and you are still “European”

And if the “remain” side get their way and Britain remains part of The European Union what then for the vote leave side?

Do you ever expect them to have any faith in the democratic process again? Would you??

The Great in Great Britain is becoming obsolete as the rest of the world shakes its head and laughs behind its hands.

The “Mother of Parliaments” has become a festering sore on the arsehole of democracy as the peoples representatives lie brazenly to their constituents and renege on the very platforms on which they stood and expect the majority to be grateful to them for doing it.

The British people are very much like the American people in temperament, I often make the joke that “I’m British! I drink tea and tut a lot.”

I am often asked where I come from to which my reply used to be “Don’t worry, I don’t come from a “Shithole country.” I no longer make that joke because with every day that passes I believe that I am beginning to.

I am even seriously considering renouncing my citizenship if the remain side manage to fulfill certain conditions.

Not only do I fear that I am beginning to come from a “Shithole country” I am beginning to fear that it will soon sink into open violence.

We are now beyond the date Article 50 said we should leave and the (so far) silent majority are beginning to openly verbalise their frustration as the dream that they held seems to still be just out of their reach.

Do you think that they will go silently into the night and passively accept defeat from a minority of bad losers?

I fear that if that happens then their frustrations will spill onto the streets of the mainland making the “Backstop” and potential Northern Irish troubles look like so much oil on troubled waters.

Will the British people rise up? Ask what’s left of Margret Thatcher’s cabinet members. How short their memories are that they forget the rioting on the streets of Britain that forced them from their arrogant thrones of power because they are amongst the loudest voices for remain.


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