The “Unfit Bit!”

Those who know me know that I am hardly a bastion of healthy living.

I eat just about anything I want and only touch “so called” health foods if they taste good.

I am a little porky (as many of my age are) but could hardly be called obese.

I also smoke up to 3 packs of cigarettes a day!

However; I am active, I don’t suffer arthritis and I largely put that down to large amounts of walking each day.

I sometimes sleep badly (as I hear many do) largely down to the usual worries that plague modern man.

Just after they were released onto the market I bought a Fitbit activity tracker when you only had four lights to indicate how far you had walked during a day. I thought it would be interesting and fun at the time to see how far I was walking on average each day.

I also bought one for my girlfriend and enjoyed a little light competition (she cleans my clock regularly.)

Soon that Fitbit malfunctioned so I bought another… And another and another!

I’ve received them as gifts and given them as gifts.

I have learned over time that these devices have a built in obsolescence!

No matter how careful you are or how well you look after them you will be lucky to get one that will last as long as two years.

Even a $250 “Surge” only lasted two years after a warranty replacement!

No more!

I am tired of the L.E.D. failures; the charging failures, new proprietary power cables and the constant failures of the straps.

I am also sick of the supposed app updates which always happen around holidays and surprise….. New adverts…In the app!!!!!!

In all of the models of Fitbits I have owned, given or received not one has lasted two years (unless they were unwanted and unused) and I have spent well into the thousands of dollars with this company.

One conclusion: The only thing getting fit is Fitbit’s profit margin.


  1. Excellent post! Leaving a comment here as G+ is going away soon. I feel the same as you about taking care of myself and we share habits that should be changed but in my case, they are not likely to change. I refused to get a Fitbit because I knew I’d become obsessed and hate it very soon after getting one. 🙂 Love your writing. Keep it up. The Crazy Englishman – brilliant blog title.

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