Austerity Is Like A Knife In The Guts!

Over the last 18 months I have been watching my country become a bloodbath of shame.

Barely a day goes by lately without another of the future generation being found stabbed to death in the abhorrent plague of knife attacks.

The country’s leaders wring their hands and talk about taking 10 years to resolve this problem and while they do it another future leader/father/mother/brain surgeon etc. is taken from the world.

Who knows what these young people may have become had they not been robbed of their lives.

What politicians excel at is deflecting the blame from where it belongs and making a step up the slippery ladder at the same time. What they fail to realise is that the people see what is going on!

They see a country (and a continent) that is sacrificing the country’s future on the alter of austerity and a government that has turned it’s back in the obsession of examining its own navel fluff, fashioning an escape from Europe in a way that nobody asked them to do.

In London The Metropolitan Police has seen its funding cut by 22% while the rise in so called “knife crime” has risen 11% in the same period. Certain police forces are saying that they can no longer investigate some types of crime. Yet the politicians say that less police is not the cause.

London’s gang scene now looks like any U.S. city of the 80’s

My father recently had to call in an ombudsman to force his local authority to repair street lights after the authority outright refused citing funding but they can always afford to put up a new traffic camera.

Let’s see….. Dark streets…..Lack of police….. Crime is rising…..Hmmmm.

Texans often sneer at Britain outlawing guns!

Let me ask how many would be being slaughtered on the streets of England now had they not?


  1. Good points, Bob. I would have had no idea of these things if not for an English man’s opinion. Much to ponder. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. You are right. Americans think if there are no guns then there must be less or no crime. Knives are just as deadly. Thanks for sharing the facts about your Homeland.

  2. I agree but it spins both way Sheila,
    If these stabbers had a gun instead of a knife… How many would be dead now?

    That’s why the London terrorists couldn’t get any traction…They couldn’t get the guns to slaughter more but the police could!

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